Frequency response, signal flow, processing, gain structure - these are academic building blocks of sound.  Our engineers build upon this foundation with experience and practical knowledge to deliver stellar results. We're living in a digital world, and our engineers have the skills and experience to apply today's technology to your event. We provide in-house engineering to venues, churches, and corporate organizations throughout the Upper-Midwest.


Lighting is the art of painting in air, using the environment around us to set a mood and invoke emotions. Our lead Lighting Designer has over a decade of experience in live and theatrical applications, supplemented with training at the University of Wisconsin - Madison's venerated theatrical lighting department. Specializing in live music, we also provide architectural and landscape lighting design and installation, supervised by a licensed Master Electrician.


From IMAG to corporate A.V. install, we have the tools and training to project your vision!  Contact us today for a cost-free consultation and learn how affordable video can be!


Gorham Street Productions has the ability to source, deliver and install staging in nearly any configuration or size, Including tiered setups, theatre in the round, ADA accessibility and more.


We specialize in outdoor performance spaces, with extensive experience installing pitched truss roofs as well as stage line mobile scenery.