About Gorham Street Productions

Bill Norman, a veteran lighting designer and production manager known regionally and nationwide, established Gorham Street Productions in 2007. Our philosophy is driven by three fundamental values: Customer Service, Reliability & Professionalism. Equipment is easy to obtain, but finding the right people for the job is not. Our intense recruitment and training regimen selects motivated and responsible engineers, and instills our core values through experience and leadership. We truly believe that problems offer opportunities for solutions, and that dedicated professionals given appropriate resources will overcome all challenges.

Production Companies, Promoters, Venues and Tours all rely on Gorham Street Productions to provide the human element needed to make an event successful. We've proudly worked with national tours such as Music as a Weapon IV, theme parks (6 Flags Great America – The Dark Knight), and a wide variety of production companies throughout the nation. Our clients note that Gorham Street Productions consistently provides highly motivated and productive staff with great attitudes, and it's this reputation, which has allowed us to expand from our proud hometown of Madison to a nationwide labor force.

Gorham Street Productions is a lifestyle employer, which pays employees a fair wage and promotes a fraternal work environment. We also give back to our community, with financial and technical support for charitable endeavors throughout South-Central Wisconsin.